An easy way for you to find your lost items.

General Questions

1. What is Wilwif?
Wilwif (What I Lost, What I Found) anonymously connects people who have lost items with people who have found items through an easy-to-use platform. The QR-based technology allows users to place Wilwif codes on virtually any item (books, tablets, notebooks, clothing, wallets, credit cards, backpacks, suitcases, etc.). Utilizing the Wilwif App, users register each of their items by scanning the QR code into the App and enter identifying information. Users can send alerts to pre-set areas and alert other Wilwif registered users of any lost item(s) alerting the community.


1. I am having problems registering.

  1. There are several reasons why you may not be able to register:
    1. If you are under 13 years old, we require that one of your parents register.
    2. If you are between 13 and 15, we require one of your parents to confirm his/her email address. This is a requirement to finalize your registration.
    3. If your email address has already been used. You can only have one user per email.
    4. If you are missing information in the registration process or if your password does not meet the requirements.

  2. If none of this applies to you and you are still having issues registering, send us an email to

2. I am having technical issues with the App.
Email us at

3. I cannot login to my account
Please check that your password is correct. If your account has been blocked or you still have any issues send us an email to specifying your issue.

4. My account has blocked me If you have incorrectly entered your password more than 3 times we will need some information about your account in order to reset your password. Send us an email at

5. I cannot see my Items on my list
We apologize for any trouble, please email us to or fill out the form in the app we will resolve it as quickly as possible.

6. I cannot see my lost items on the map
Your lost items will only be shown in the map if you reported it with a known address. If you did not remember the last location of your item it will not show on the map.

7. Is my phone compatible with WilWif?
Currently Wilwif is compatible with any iOS device with operating system above 9.0

8. Why do you require my date of birth?
In keeping everyone safe within the Wilwif community we require your birthday to ensure that you are over 16 years old. Users under that age will either be restricted in the functions of the app or if they are under 13 will not be permitted to join Wilwif.

9. Can I modify the notification range for my lost items?
We currently only offer a pre-set notification of 2 miles. In future versions, we will offer you the opportunity to change this range.

10. Can I add more than one ID to my Account?
Yes, you can add as many stickers and tags as you please to your account. We actually encourage you to add as many as possible and to have stickers and tags on all your items.

11. Do other users know my current location?
No, your current location will only be used by you in order to facilitate reporting items as lost and for better functioning of your app.

12. Do you have an app for Android?
Although we only currently offer the Wilwif app on iOS, we plan to launch the Android version in the coming months.

13. Does WilWif have an age restriction?
Given the nature of the service we want to make sure all our user are safe and therefore, we have the following age restrictions:

  1. Under 13: We do not allow any user under the age of 13. However, we encourage parents to register items for their children;
  2. Between 13-15: We allow users to register within this range, however, we require a parent email and permission. Parents will receive all notifications via email and the minor will only be allowed to use Vaults and not in person interactions.
  3. 16 and older: Users are free to use all features of the app

14. How can I register/sign in?

  1. To register, download the Wilwif app from the App store and follow the steps indicated. You need a valid email address and you will have to insert your date of birth.
  2. Coming soon we will offer the option to register with your Facebook and Gmail account.

My Profile

1. Why do you need my shipping address?
You can enter your shipping address in “Edit Profile”, the purpose of this is mostly for future features such as different types of delivery options for lost items. In addition, if you would like to purchase additional IDs, we can send you the items to this address.

2. Can anyone see my profile picture?
Currently, you are the only one who can see your profile picture. We wanted to offer you a way to personalize your profile.

Questions about Vaults

1. What is a Vault?
A Wilwif location that has agreed to serve as a drop off location for lost items.

2. How do I join a Vault
You must obtain a code from the private Vault location and insert the code in your vaults page in the app. All public vaults are open to everyone.

3. What happens if I have no Vaults?
If you are not a member of a private Vault and there are no public vaults available, then you will only be able to return/receive an item in person or arrange an alternative delivery mechanism. We plan to offer additional options in the near future.

4. How will I know if my items has been dropped off at a Vault?
As soon as an item is dropped off at a Vault the person in charge of the vault will scan your item. This will notify you and change the status of your item to “In Transit”


1. Where can I get a Wilwif kit or additional stickers/tags?
We will send each new user a complimentary Wilwif kit by sending us an email to In addition, if you would like to purchase additional stickers/tags or complete kits, please visit us at or send us an email at

2. My app is not reading my stickers
The Wilwif app is designed to only scan Wilwif QR codes. If it is not reading one of your Wilwif codes make sure you are centering the code in the screen while keeping your phone as still as possible. If it still does not work send us an email to

3. What happens if for some reason my sticker gets damaged
If a sticker that is registered to your Wilwif app gets damaged we recommend deleting the item from the app. You can do this by going to your item detail, clicking on edit item and clicking the delete button. You can then place a new sticker.

4. Do the stickers/tags work with Bluetooth or GPS?
Items registered to Wilwif are not linked with Bluetooth nor GPS. Wilwif uses QR code to help identify lost items.

5. If I sell an item with a WilWif sticker on it, what should I do?
We recommend you delete any item from Wilwif which is no longer yours. Go to the item detail page, click on edit item and click on delete item at the bottom of the page. The sticker can then be taken off the item or left on the item for another person to use.